Remove the
guesswork, improve

Find the creatives that just work, get

actionable unbiased feed back from a targeted

audience with DIY Surveys


Why split testing?

Improve your CTR

Improve your CTR

Save time, money with AB testing. Test your main image to win the most clicks in the search results.

Grow your conversion

Grow your conversion

Optimize your sales funnel by fixing secondary images and clarifying the message.

Increase Ads Perfomance

Increase Ads perfomance

A higher conversion will lead to a better advertising acquisition. Get better results just in minutes.

Stop leaving money on the table with underperforming creatives


The OLD Way

You ask family & Friends for Biased Feedback

You try to guess what the customer wants

Launch without concrete data

Customers are confused and don’t buy

You lose time and sales having to reoptimize

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new way


The NEW Way

Understand customers’ interests in Minutes

See Exactly what works and what doesn’t

Make intelligent decisions on Real Data

Quickly Build Sales Funnels That Convert

Sell more & Improve the Bottomline

Who is this for?


Test product images

Amazon Sellers


Get feedback on your website



Improve UI by getting feedback



Test tiglines and titles


Types of surveys

Open-Ended Polls

One question- one answer

Open-Ended Polls bg

Open-Ended Polls

Open-ended polls are a great way to get feedback from your customers. Can be applied to any industry; this is a must-have tool for anyone looking for a root cause answer. Improve your products, services, and marketing efforts

Head to Head Poll

Compare two or more ideas

Head to Head Poll bg

Head to Head Poll

This is our most popular product. People test an array of things ranging from main images on eCommerce sites to copy, graphics, UI-interface elements, videos, product ideas, product research, books cover design etc

Who are the People behind the surveys?

People behind

Unlock the Voice of Your Target Audience: Best Insights from Verified Respondents

Our respondent pool is composed of genuine, verified individuals from

across the United States, ensuring a broad representation of diverse

backgrounds and perspectives.To maintain the highest quality of research

and feedback, we adhere to the following standards for our respondents

Rigorous selection and vetting process to ensure that they meet our quality criteria

Commitment to maintaining confidentiality by signing non-disclosure agreements to protect your survey content

Adequate compensation for their participation in surveys, with the possibility of earning bonuses for consistently providing high-quality feedback

By collaborating with our comprehensive network of respondents, you

can trust to deliver reliable and actionable insights that

will empower your business to thrive in a competitive market

What our clients say

people Brian Kelsey

Brian Kelsey

8 Figure Amazon Seller

Sellametrics helped us clarify our message and connect better with our customers by understanding what they really want & like

Leslie Pierson

Leslie Pierson

Serial entrepreneur who runs 2 businesses on Amazon

Sellametrics was a Game changer for our amazon business; it allowed us to craft nicer and better-converting listings faster

Brandon Fuhrmann

Brandon Fuhrmann

AMZ Innovate co-founder, 8 figure Amazon seller

Sellametrics is our go-to instrument when doing product development, we can run a few instant surveys and quickly understand what direction to go